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Easy Time Management with these tools.

Use the power of technology to perform those tedious tasks. Use your talent and knowledge on the product of your clients and let you applications manage your time.

If anyone could cut their working hours in half and keep their salaries, 100% of people would do it. Now it's your turn. What are the crucial steps that are tedious and time consuming but remain neccesary between you and your client. Let me name a few :

  • Writting the agreement
  • Invoicing
  • Emails
  • Schedules
  • Communication
  • Deadlines
and so much more, I could keep up with over 100 more elements that can be automated with the help of very inexpensive solutions. I will save you time and give you the link to one of my favorite solutions. It's on Envato so click here to read on it.Freelance Cockpit 3 - Project Management and CRM

Don't work harder, work more efficiently.

Logic Jabak.Y

It might take you 3 hours to properly set everything up. That includes you invoicing receipts, email templates, client account solutions, schedule and etc... However, once you are done, you will not only be much more effcient at your work, you will also look much more proffesional. That alone give you the edge against most web design agencies. In montreal, I alone look more proffesional than the majority of my competitors.

Time Management
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Key element that will determine the amplitude of your success. You're a 1 man army. But, as you learn to develope methods, you will start to incorporate various tools that will replace the tedious time consuming work.
Which tools?
Financial Stability
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It takes on average 30 days to be able to sustain your current lifestyle with the replacement of your 9-5 job. However, you can always start freelancing as you continue your current income with proper Time Management
How do I price?
Client satisfaction
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You're number one priority is this. Client satisfaction is worth more than any SEO in the world. Humans love to brag. The best marketing is mouth to mouth about your services. Your clients are key! They will market your work.
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