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Price: from $1200

Time: from 5 to 14 days

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Being the leading web solution for SMB, wordpress currently runs over 39% of the websites on todays market. Offering simplified back-end management for your website, modify all elements, content, style of your site from the back-end.
Enjoy the power of Woocommerce, one of the leading ecommerce solutions. Modify your website with thousands of plugins to suit your needs. Wordpress is the perfect web solution for any small to medium size business. Save on maintenence fee's and time.
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I know you are very busy and I will never bother you more than 2-3 emails in order to get your project started. Following that, you will be able to view the progress online as I built based on your feedback. Expect 7 to 14 days timeframe for final release. I offer support, hosting and question answering to all of my clients.

My Work process

Our discussion will be a brief 5 to 10 minute call in order to understand your scope of work. Following the phone call, we will communicate by email to your best convenience.

1. Discussion

2. Design

3. Launch


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