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How to be successful as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you are alone, have minimal ressources and financial instability. If you can handle that for 30 days, keep reading.

Being a freelancer is an amazing feeling once you establish yourself a system. Being from Montreal, I live in a very competitive environment. It took me just under 75 days to fully develope my equation to financial stability. I can't give you the equation to your formula. Everyone is different. But I can definitly tell you how to develope your own formula.

The first step to any action, is the initiative to take action.

Frank stone Forbes

So, if you're still reading this, it's because you would like to be able to manage your own time and financials. Being a freelancer in Montreal is great for multiple reasons. The 3 biggest reasons in my opinion are the following :

  • Your own time schedule.
  • You report to YOU.
  • The power to scale.

Even if you are making the same salary as your 9-5 job, atleast as a freelancer, you can manage the entire operation at your rate and satisfaction. You have the option to grow rapidly or if you rather, do it part time and grow it slower. You can be aggresive in marketing or you can be passive and blog. As a freelancer, it's you that decides.

The formula

Success is not 1 formula, but a selection of your own equations to success.

What is this man saying?!

If you are able to build your system on paper with equations you have accomplished 80% of the work to come. The other 20% is perfecting your equations based on experience. Work on perfecting the micro equations related to the final product of the following elements is a must:

  • Time Management
  • Client satisfaction
I will go over each of those elements and tell you what I use to make my freelance business successful. Learning from other and applying to yourself is the best method to understanding what you need in your success formula. It's true that not all methods apply to everyone. But there is a lesson learned by everyone who tries to apply a method.

Time Management
Jabak.Y |
Key element that will determine the amplitude of your success. You're a 1 man army. But, as you learn to develope methods, you will start to incorporate various tools that will replace the tedious time consuming work.
Which tools?
Financial Stability
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It takes on average 30 days to be able to sustain your current lifestyle with the replacement of your 9-5 job. However, you can always start freelancing as you continue your current income with proper Time Management
How do I price?
Client satisfaction
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You're number one priority is this. Client satisfaction is worth more than any SEO in the world. Humans love to brag. The best marketing is mouth to mouth about your services. Your clients are key! They will market your work.
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