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The BIGGEST worry when starting.

Will I get clients... Will I get a income... Do I risk it... STOP!. You worry too much.

Let's face it. Our biggest worry is not being able to make the end of the month. I agree. When you start, you wonder if you can truely afford to risk venturing into freelancing. The answer is simple. If you can't. Don't You can easily begin freelancing part time with the use of simplified tools. Web and graphique developement isin't as time consuming as it use to be 20 years ago.

Failing is the most important process of learning.

Logic Jabak.Y

If you are an average developer, in 15 hours you can have a beautiful responsive website ready for a first visual to any client. Optimise your time with software and tools that take away all the tedious work related to web design. Here is a great one on Envate :Freelance Cockpit 3 - Project Management and CRM

And if you are still worried then look at it this way. The new web era is rising. Clients are searching for the best value on the market. As a freelancer you can offer that. You will gain your clients and as long as you implement some recurring services, then why are you even worried! Go sign your first client today, you will free amazing knowing that you are working on your proper success formula.

Time Management
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Key element that will determine the amplitude of your success. You're a 1 man army. But, as you learn to develope methods, you will start to incorporate various tools that will replace the tedious time consuming work.
Which tools?
Financial Stability
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It takes on average 30 days to be able to sustain your current lifestyle with the replacement of your 9-5 job. However, you can always start freelancing as you continue your current income with proper Time Management
How do I price?
Client satisfaction
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You're number one priority is this. Client satisfaction is worth more than any SEO in the world. Humans love to brag. The best marketing is mouth to mouth about your services. Your clients are key! They will market your work.
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