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Who am I?

My name is Yousif Jabak. With 7 years of background in project management and web design management, it is no suprise that I like to explore my creative side through freelance in Montreal. Ceo and proud owner of WebNordique Inc, I have also studied Civil Engineering at ETS in Montreal.

Coming from a very heavy technical background, I can assure that the quality of my work will be reflected upon the results that you will experience. I thrive to see the smile on my clients faces when they realised how much money they saved with my design solutions. I love to work with Magento, HTML, PHP, Wordpress, CSS and many more... Can't say i'm faithfull to one language.


Web Design, % 100
Wordpress, % 92
HTML, % 90
Magento, % 95
Freelance, % 100
Satisfaction, % 100
Projects Done
Happy Clients
Coffee Cups
Great Ideas



Ceo | Web Design Agency

I launched my own compagny that offers to SME (PME) new era pricing structure for their web projects. Offering full web packages that include hosting, private web developer, maintenence, support and more for under 100$ a month. If you're curious : Web Nordique


Senior developer | M&m Inc

Content plannification with structure design of various big web projects. 12 000$+ projects are the average scale of business this compagny was dealing with. Should anyone pay that? No.


Freelance | Web Designer

Working part time learning at bell Canada as a web designer for the bell.ca website. Attending Cegep at the moment, I had worked with various teams on the website. My first entry point on the web.

What people say?

It was a pleasure working with Yousif from the begining till the end. Great attention to detail, loves to explain his methode and thought process. Would definitly work with him again.

What people say?

Hired Yousif to build me a website in very restricted time frame and budget. He came through with an amazing result and I couldn't have been happier. He manages my social media and maintains my website till this day.

What people say?

Thanks again for the great work on my website. My clients love my new e-commerce solution and it's easy enough for me to maintain it. Thanks a lot. Will be in touch. #MontrealFreelance all the way!

What people say?

Thank you for my third website. All of them have been wonderful and my clients love using my websites. I haven't had this much traffic since my launch in 2006! Thank you!

What people say?

I was suprised in your turnaround time and the way you approchaged the project. I love the color scheme and the way my website looks on mobile. Best freelancer in Montreal!


You can chat to me right now and I will respond instantly or if you rather, send me a message. I answer within the hour. Unless... I am sleeping.

551 Rue de la Montagne, Montreal

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